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dheaton wrote:
Well that one may be a bit too far for me to go. Maybe if it gets closer to home I could make it.
Your riding a GOLDWING not a hardley.
Load up your saddle bags. Stock up your juice, snacks & power-bars. Fill that tank, turn on your tunes and GO.

"IF" Johnny road a Wing to NASSIR, he would have said this,. . . .

"CLOSER TO HOME? Man, you are too square.
I'll have to straighten you out.
Now, listen, you don't ride just on any one select road, that's cornball style. You just go. (finger snap) A bunch gets together every year at NASSIR, it builds up, you just... the idea is to have a ball. Now to stay cool, you got to ride. You got to put some miles down. You got to make some time. Now you know what I'm talkin' about?"

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