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Mysticfour wrote:
Lol, could use this myself but don't have the 6 months required, guess I will hafta try to buy 1
Why by one when you can make your own.

1. One wooden yardstick.

2. Clear vinyl tubing to wrap around the yard stick with enough for a smooth curve at the bottom and enough to reach the green vacuum line on the left of the 1500 and the vacuum port on the right side.

3. One quart of transmission fluid to use in place of the mercury.

4. About eight white plastic ties to secure the tubing to the wooden yardstick.

Drill one hole at the top for hanging while using it and storing it.

Drill about four more holes the size of the plastic ties to secure the vinyl tubing to the wooden yard stick.

After securing the vinyl hose put transmission fluid in the clear vinyl hose. I put enough of it to bring it up to 29 on both side of the wooden yardstick.

It may take a while for it to get all the air bubbles out but they will come out. I just let mine hang over night with the leads for the vacuum ports above the wooden yardstick.

You can mount it on a 1X3 if you like but I just left mine the way it was.

I used it and it works great.

Of course you will not damage the engine ifit happenssucks in some of the

transmission fluid as it will just burn.

Make sure thesmooth curve with no kinksis at the bottom of the yardstick. That way the inches are easier to read.

Any questions just PM me or send me an email.

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