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Members with reservations at the Motel 62:

Here is the list that I received from the Motel today.

Please check this list and if you have made a reservation prior to today and you name is NOT on this list. Call the motel immediately! 877-327-1080

This is the current reservation list they have:

Jimmy Robertson

John Craig

Dennis Margesom

Michell Norm

Miles Watts

John Greenhill

John Laramore

Bruce Murray

Mike Kramer

Dennis Ruda

Robert Smith

William McCoughly

Angie Hoskins

Leroy Swogger

Mark Schmidt

William Burch

Steve Saunders

Bill Ladigo

Graig Keagy

Juniper Wing


Roger Conroy

Ciaran Meyler

Robert Drigger

Joe Quainton

Larry Boak

Randall Burch

John White

lana Bond

Richard Woodson

Terrence Breese

Andy Williams

David Winn

Scott Mckay

Marty Anderson

John Mclannahan

Eugene Kleinschmidt

Dennis Fluke

Michelle Hemmingway

Michelle Hemmingway

Brian Shultz

Brian Shultz

Lewis Wilkie

Rex Cameron

Tony Remster

Dennis Smith

Andrew Katz

Ned Jewet

Denzil Stout

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