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"This year we have a little surprise for our members. Rudy felt it was important to make an appearance at N5 this year to thank all of the members who helped him out this spring. He says it could never have happened without you, your prayers, support and offerings.

While he was attending N3 in New York, he received several requests to find a way that members who could not attend might be able to be a part of the festivities. One of these was Baggy wanting to have the auction online. At that time there was no real practical way to do that without some major expense and a lot of forward planning. Since that time Rudy has been focused on finding a way to make that happen in a practical way that would be affordable and still useful to everyone. (Web bandwidth is expensive)

Last year a product he had been watching, became available that would have given some of this service but it's quality was so bad that it would not have been worth it. Early this year, that same company came out with it's second generation product that was much better video quality (claim HD) even though the sound was not much improved.

With the financial help of Rudy's brother and some resources from sales at Rudy's, he was able to obtain two such podcast cameras as well as four other HD handheld cameras. He built a special high power, high range wireless network for them that connects to the hotel system and obtained, designed and tested methods to make all of them capable of portability and long term uptime so that we could podcast Live, most of the entire event (assuming the motel has the bandwidth to support us), to allmembers around the world.

He solicited some help from Dusty Boots to assist with the broadcasting (who graciously immediately agreed even though he was not planning to attend this year). Additionally, Rudy may need some of us to jump in as reporters and set up crew and runners to support the broadcasts.

In addition, there is one recording HD event camera and three HD cameo cameras that will be making the rounds and possibly doing interviews if there is interest. The recorded events will be edited for content and interest after N5 and segments placed on “YouTube” once Rudy gets home and has time to weed though the expected 120+ hours of recordings. These will be available to all via the internet.

Rudy tells me that heat is a real problem with these devices as they are designed to be used indoors only. Even though currently the weather forecast is upper 80's for highs, we all know that and weather people across the world have been wrong. This is Arkansas in July after all and who knows what the temperature will actually be from day to day!!!

We know for sure we will have a lot of "hot air" at the gathering so Rudy also adapted a cooling system in hopes of overcoming this for the planned events (at least) and maybe everything else (depending on how much ice we can keep feeding him). So if you see some weird looking contraptions taped up and wired here and there, you will know it is just Rudy up to his usual tricks.

This approach has never before been attempted at a gathering or with this equipment so we hope to make N5 one more reason for the record books.

Rudy is medically required to avoid the sun so look for his tan 10 x 10 shade canopy in front of his room #220. That will be the base of operations for the broadcasting portion of the N5 project.

Even if the motel wireless can't support the two cameras, they may be able to support one and maybe even if not all the time, but we will still have the four recording cameras for editing later.
Rudy has 88 hours of recording capacity (250 Gigs of SD cards) even if he does not offload the memory cards to a storage device. So we should be able to get dawn to after dark events captured. All shooting will be natural light so dark stuff will be dark.

This is Rudy's way of saying thanks to everyone and contributing his way to the party."

This a special deal for NASSIR5 and there is no guarantee that this will ever happen again at a NASSIR event because we just don't know. So don't even plan on not attending future NASSIR's "because you can watch it from home!".

As I have said many times before and I will say it again......"It is the members that make the NASSIR events and this Forum what it is today".So show up at a NASSIR event and see what I mean!

Please do me a favor and if you are attending NASSIR, Thank the "technical mastermind behind this plan" because I can plan all I want, but without the technical support that Rudy provided, we could not have provided this to the members.

If you are one of the members who are not attending this year's NASSIR, Please Thank Rudy here on the Forum, we owe him a lot for doing this so everyone can enjoy "NASSIR 5 Live....... from Eureka Springs, Arkansas!"

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