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We will announce the URL once we get there and get things set up and working. No point in looking at nothing. Hoping to be live by Sunday morning July 8 but it depends on how many Leprechauns get in the works.

A little tidbit in advance...

The podcasts are distributed using FlashPlayer so if you connect and all you see is a black video block with a spinning icon or simply white space where the video should appear, be sure to download and install the most current FlashPlayer version.

To see what version you have, from whatever browser you use, open a page to:

It will tell you what version you have and what is the most current for each browser.
As of today it is: Version 11.3.300.257 for Windows and Macs.

Right now I believe the vids will play on Version 10 as well but they change often to keep most current. I believe that Apple bans Flash on it's i devices. There are ways around that but I understand they can be troublesome.

These come from the hosting server we video feed to. Flash would not not our choice given the option.


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