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DougW wrote:
I have seen a sample of what he was working on when I stopped by Rudy's place earlier this year. It will be good. The video quality is quite good with his camera setup so for those of us that will be there, make sure any shenanigans you are involved in are things you won't mind the whole world knowing about!!!!!
Fortunately for most of you, the audio is not as high quality providing a pretty good opportunity for plausible deny-ability.

For those concerned, come by and we can let you know where the things are placed at any given moment so you can duck behind the shadows and do your dastardly deeds.

The recording units are not live and will be edited before release so you do have some safety there. Just let us know which camera, date and time you would like edited out and we will make an effort to find and edit out the specific indiscretion for you for a small fee.


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