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This site has been so helpful. Thanks all.

No need for "welcomes" though, several have already welcomed me.

I bought an 86 Interstate on e-bay and know nothing of its history. It starts easy (smokes like a fiend for 1 minute after being parked on the centerstand) and runs good. Shifts are sometimes a bit notchy, though I don't have any way of knowing how a Wing should shift. It seems to be a good bike.

I want to ride to the FL Keys during a 2-week vacation I have in December. I'm about out of money and have virtually no time between now and then. To make matters worse, I'm known for turning 3 hour wrench jobs into 8 hour debacles.

I will change the motor oil and gear oil before my trip.

Is suspension work necessary or just somethig I ought to do.

The bike rides like a tank. The rear suspension is virtually gone and the front is pretty bad too. I know full well the dangers of riding (or driving) with bad suspension.

Changing the front fork fluid seems to be a pretty big job (thanks for those who have posted how-tos) and if I tackle a big job before my trip, it ought to be the timing belt (57k) (Big thanks for the FANTASTIC how-to complete with pictures.)

Any suggestions? I know the best answer is to not head 1000 miles south on a bike that isn't maintained, but I'm ok with taking a gamble, but don't want to do something that's just plain dumb.

What must I do before I go vs. what should I do?
Are there other maitenence things I've overlooked (other than the charging system.)

I must buy some warm clothes. I should have extra money for a bus ride home in case the timing belt goes.

I'm pretty young so doing dumb stuff is still acceptable. Riding my V-Star to FL would be dumb. I'd freeze and need back surgery to ever get right again. Hopefully there's a way to get the Wing roadworthy without spending a fortune.

Thanks for the advice, and thanks for the hundreds of pages of great information.

PS - I smiled for days when I realized my bike has self-cancelling turn signals. That is so cool! And the bike is 21 years old! Amazing!

\'86 GL - Interstate

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