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Welcome to the World's Greatest Goldwing Site Sly!

Only proper to welcome a new member, glad to have you here. You'll undoubtedly hear from the resident curmudgeon out in the Aran Islands in Galway Bay, Ireland soon.

I'd bet on the bike making the trip but you may not enjoy the ride. If the suspension is bottoming out in the rear it's going to feel pretty uncomfortable after a couple hundred miles. Have you tried pumping up the rear shocks to see if they will hold air? If they leak down over a day or two buy a small bicycle pump so you can pump them back up again when needed. If the front end suspension is out of oil and won't hold air I don't know that I'd be willing to ride very far with the bike in that condition. It can make handling especially in corners pretty squirrelly. Being a young fella you ought to be able to take the beating on your V Star, ride it and get the 'Wing into shape before you make a long trip on her. It would be sad if you had a bad trip with the 'Wing before you got to know her and appreciate what a fine machine it really is.

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