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I'd check the radiator first as mentioned by Dave 430. One quick check is to take off the radiator cap, fire up the engine and watch the water level in the radiator as you run the engine up and down from idle to 3500rpm or so. If the water level changes much from slow to fast engine rpms that's a pretty good indication of a scaled radiator. One other way to check a radiator is to scan it with a handheld IR thermometer with the engine running. The temperature on the front of the radiator from top to bottom at the left side, middle and right side. The temperature should be hottest at the top going smoothly down in temp as you scan downward. If you run the IR thermometer across the radiator at the same height the temperature should be pretty constant. Any sudden changes in temperature indicates a scaled or plugged area in the radiator. If you find this problem a good radiator shop can usually clean the radiator. Most auto parts store cleaning products really don't work well.

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