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Knock, knock, knock

Was sitting here in electronic central and at the front door came a Knock, knock, knock. Went to the door and there was a fellow who works on the oil field well pulling machine that services the wells around us. "Can you bring your tractor up and help us get unstuck?" Told him that my tractor would not be able to pull that 50,000 pound tandem axle truck out of the field if it was buried. He assured me that they were just stuck in the greasy mud on the surface. It is raining this morning and I do not think they were that happy about having to pull that well today.
So I put on my carharts and got the tractor fueled and out of the shed. The dog loved that as she barks and attacks the front tires when I start the tractor. Stupid me forgot to put a hat on and get a pair of gloves for the 48 degree and rain day.
When I got to where they were hung up I saw that he was not telling me a lie. They were basically on mud that was like ice. So I backed up to the back of that rig ( The JD A looked like a garden tractor hooked to a big pickup truck ) and the operator started his wheels turning and I snapped in the clutch on the JD. The old girl hunkered down, started clawing for solid ground and with the front end bouncing up and down with every firing of the 2 cylinders (you guys that had experience with those 2 cyl tractors can relate to that) she provided the necessary pull to get them back to the road.
They told me to send a bill to the boss. I told them I would just settle for some used 5/8" and 3/4" sucker rods. The operator said he thought they could do that and "Oh by the way, we want another 3 pipe racks." Dang, if they keep this up I will be in the top 1%.

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