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There's nothing like the sound of an old John Deere "hunkering down". My uncles owned several, one ofmy former neighbors bought and rebuilt them as a hobby. He was a machinest, not a button pusher like the machinest of today, no offence to anyone that is a machinest, but I've seen this man bore, make his own sleeves, and even make pistons, and they worked!!!.. Any gears, cranks what ever he had some old old machines that he used to make what ever he needed.. I have helped him strip these old J.D.'s down, sand blast and repaint them..

But the thrill came when once together he cranked them up for the first time!!!Yeah buddy!!!..He would hook up plows and go plow up this little piece of land next to his place, it belonged to a cemetary so they didn't mind him plowing on that huge vacant lot...I sure miss hearing those old Deeres, when he passed away his wife, who hated his hobby sold the running one's and all of the bits and pieces. Then she sold his shop equipment for junk iron. ...

That old saying about "Nothing runs like a Deere" is so true..You'll have make a video of that Deere running...


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