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how goes it? my names mike and a couple of weeks ago my grandfather gave me a 1988 gl1500 to revive and restore. it has 42,000 original miles. its overall a good bike besides its sat for 2 years outside 24/7 under a tarp. besides some of the physical wear like peeling clear coat and some busted fairing plastic its a good bike. so it took me a couple of days to get herdown to the frame.it was a bitch!!!! and a goldwing is one hell a lot of bike!!!

so i threw in a new heart and turned her over a couple of times and she didnt want to fire so i gave her some choke and still nothing. so i took off her chest cavity and primed her with some gas. she fired up and then i sprayed the carbs with some cleaner she smoked for awhile then cleared up. thecarb piston was sticking but got it to loosen up. it wouldnt stay at a smooth idle and was surging pretty bad. so with that in mind i thought it was a vacuum line somewhere BUT WHERE TO BEGIN i adjusted the fuel stop after replacing the fuel filter and got it to idle without surging at about roughly 500 rpm, but then adjusted it to spec 800rpm but continued to surge.

so after all of this i landed on doing a carb overhaul. so after fighting sweating and cussing, i got the carbs free. so i will be doing a overhaul.

so with all this in mind, i was wondering if anyone could give me advice and tips on where to find and look for all vacuum linesjust in case i needed to replace them?

does anyone else have any theories on why it would be surging?

the black mat that sits between the carbs and intake manifold, is it a must have or can i dispose of it?

and is there a specific order when bleeding the front and rear breaks?

and i feel stupid for asking but can i pressure wash the bike without all the fairing on with all the wires and such exposed but of course with the air cleaner box on?

thanks to all. like i said im new to all of this. i have little automotive knowledge and ive only worked on 4 stroke dirt bikes when i was younger. look forward to hearing from anyone critisism and all lol.



1988 GL1500

Mike French
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Hello and welcome.

If you do a search for 1500 carbs on this forum you will find no end of posts - including a lot from me. Just searching against my name will help.

At the end of the day it just be easier and quicker to simply clean the carbs, replace the air filter, sub air filter and cruise filter - along with those hoses. I spent ages (as my posts will show) trying to tie it down to one or two. In the end I bit the bullet and also changed the rubber insulators between the carb bases and the inlet manifolds. It didn't cost that much and it fixed all the problems.

Good luck.

1990 GL1500 SE
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the black mat that sits between the carbs and intake manifold, is it a must have or can i dispose of it?

I've heard of people leaving the old mat off. I have also seen people who made a replacement mat. I would feel better with the mat on myself. It is a heat shield if nothing else. While you have the mat off check for a common hidden vacuum leak, read about it here.

Here is a link to a picture of the homemade one. Here.
4oth post.

I can't seem to find the Honda part number for the mat?
Anyone know if it is still available?

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In my case with my '931500......clogged slow jets caused/causing the surge in idle. I seem to read more of this being the problem then any other with a sleeping wing.

Have you removed the fuel tank access from under the seat....removed the old fuel and checked the tank for rust? Very important to do so. It would be a shame to rebuild the carbs only to suck dirt into them. If you have rust you must remove every spec of it by removing the fuel tank and using one of the methods on the forum to do so.

If you thought getting the carbs off was tough you will be even more frustrated putting them back on. Even more so if you have to take them off a few times to get it right. Best to do a complete rebuild in my opinion.

I would try to keep the rubber curtain where it should be.

Much more needs to be done in terms of maintenance. While it's all apart.....best to just do it. I'm sure many will chime in with advice on what to do. I would be more concerned with cleaning the inside of the bike then the outside for now.......as you will be making a mess doing maintenance.

How about a photo of your bike?

Your "rear" brake is oddly not just the rear brake at all but a linked system that actuates the rear caliper as well as one of the front calipers. The front brake lever actuates the other front caliper. When you get to it......important to know this. I would suggest a fluid replacement rather then just a bleed. Expect the rear pedal to be the grumpy one to bleed.....but you could do either one in any order as they are independent systems for safety.


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VERY cool grandfather to GIVE you a wing! do I correctly interpret the "22" in your post as your age? if so ... man, what a great gift - you fix it and you can have and ride it!

good luck with your refresh project - don't forget to take before and after pics.


Education is never as expensive as ignorance.
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welcome gwmike ., your right, the GoldWing is one hell of a lot of bike and with the plastic off you can see just how complex they actually are so the first thing is to have a good service manual or your toast.
Start off by ensuring the fuel tank and fuel system are clean . As you have already pulled the carbs. i guess a carb. rebuild is next . If your not sure about doing the carbs. yourself have them done by a pro. Replace all fluids , filters , timing belts and fire her up.

The Crazy 88
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If you are going to do a rebuild on the carbs, (highly recommended) make sure you update the jets to the 1990-91 jets. Do a search on this forum for GL1500 hesitation. Now is the time to do a preemptive strike on the carbs before you put it all back together and find you have the dreaded 1988-89 off idle hesitation.

1988 GL1500
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thanks for all the information. i will pull the gas tank for sure and clean her out good. i replaced the old fuel filter with a clear visible one. and it doesnt seem to have any signs of rust particles in it but better do it now and save myself some time later. once again thanks

Mike French
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And thanks to everyone for all the tips and advice where to look and the how too's. much appreciated. if i have any more questions i know to get ahold of ya'll. ill post some pic's soon.

Mike French
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