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rhoneck 03-17-2012 09:17 PM

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Hello, I decided to change the timing belts on my 85 GL1200 Interstate (40,000 miles) because they were still original. Once I had it apart, the belts and tensioners still looked like new but I replaced the belts anyways. My bike had developed a couple drops of oil coming out of the weep hole ever time I shut the motor off. I figured, as long as this is all pulled apart, I might as well remove the front cover and replace all the o-rings and the water pump as well. Again everything looked good but I still went ahead and replaced the water pump anyhow. Here’s my question. I bought an aftermarket gasket set that someone recommended on this web site. I noticed the set had one extra crush washer in the package that for whatever reason was installed, or shouldI say just layinginto the back of the oil pump seal. Is this correct, or was it just placed in there to protect it during shipping. The original seal that I pulled out of the bike did not have a washer installed inside of it, nor have I ever seen any seal anywhere use a washer. Any ideas? I attached a photo of the old seal, new seal and the extra washer that was shipped with the kit. I used three crush washers on the water pump and one crush washer on the drain plug in front of the cover and I still have this mystery washer left over. Any ideas guys?

jwhitmore44 03-17-2012 09:55 PM

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Just looking back through my parts list for my water pump change. I had one washer for the drain bolt and the 3 crush washers for the pump. Sounds like they doubled up somewhere on ya.

Ken Bergen 03-17-2012 10:06 PM

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It's probably a kit to fit all the flat fours.
The 1000's & 1100's had the oil drain plug in the front cover.

rhoneck 03-18-2012 07:59 AM

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Thanks guys. I figured as much, but second guessed myself and pulled it back apart again to check. Oh well, it went together faster the second time.

rhoneck 03-20-2012 07:50 PM

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Got it all back together today and fired it up after replacing thermostat, water pump and timing belts. It purred like a kitten. No oil leaks, no water leaks. Video on belt replacement was very good to follow. I noted however in the Honda manual they set the left hand cylinder bank cam pulley on TDC markwhen adjusting the belt tensioner, then rotating the crank another 360 degrees to adjust the right hand tensioner. It seemed much easier to get the right hand tensioner set properly using this method.

As for gasket scraping on the water pump, the video said about two hours to clean them up, I thought that seemed like a lot of time, however once you start in on it, that's about what it took. Got to get them clean, as it's too much work to have to take it all apart again if something starts to leak.

On another note, when I pulled the front cover off, I found the upper left hand 0-ring (when looking from front of motor) pinched and half out of the grove. I'm surprised it still managed to seal the two case halves together. This was how it came from the factory....go figure. I always say it's better to do it yourself, it might take a bit longer, but at least its done right......98 percent of the time.

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