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mike from maine 05-08-2015 09:38 AM

1500 welded exhaust mod version 1
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Ok Here we go. Really simple. off the end of your muffler at the weld This is the restriction before.... is the restriction after. you now will exhaust form the outer chamber as well as the inside chamber the extension from the turndown evenly on the seam little restriction will fall out turndown back on. I bolted the exhaust together AFTER I welded the one on so I can line up and tack the other one in the right position. I turned mine out a little. Pay attention so you don't weld them on in the wrong position

Sounds good. Deeper sound than I expected. Not loud but sounds good. Will try to post a vid, no promises on that

Update 5/11/15: The exhaust collector has a lot of reverb sound from the decrease in back pressure. Not the sound I am looking for so I made a mod in the collector box with 1/2 inch holes in the internal pipe. It made an improvement so I will be drilling larger holes tonight in hopes to move the exhaust through the collector faster. This is all experimental at this stage and would not attempt this mod if you are thinking about it. The bike is still quiet and my intention is not to make it loud, but give at a nice crisp motorcycle sound. That's how I like my bikes to sound. I will take and post pics of the collector mods. I hope it works well. if it doesn't, I just created a great don't do this story.

mike from maine 05-08-2015 03:23 PM

Going for a ride. Will post conclusion over the weekekn

mike from maine 05-11-2015 10:51 AM

not the desired sound I am looking for. Going to do a small mod on the collector. will update on progress when finnished

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