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Paul Grutzmacher III 05-27-2016 07:00 AM

GL1500 Acceleration issues
Hello! I'm new to the 1500 and not certain if this is normal or no. My bike has the idle stumble issue (read lots about it...will be performing the arcane rituals to resolve in the off season). It also only seems to have two modes of travel: not enough power to maintain speed or go like a scalded cat. Maintaining a steady speed at less than 65 mph or so is pretty much impossible. There seems to be a point at which turning the throttle past make the bike take off. Less than that, you slow down. No balance between. If you try to, it surges back and forth between the two. Not sure where to look for this. Any help, as always, is greatly appreciated!

haroldaugustine 05-27-2016 07:39 AM

Hello and welcome to the forum and your goldwing. I am NOT a guru but I had pretty much the same problem with my 1995 GL1500. I purchased a set of carbs from ebay for about $50.00 and rebuilt them over the winter with a Randakk kit (the best) which included the accelerator pump rebuild and installed them. I also replaced the bad vacuum hoses under the rubber mat under the carbs. Mine runs like a champ now. I don't know if the 1988's are like the 95's but that helped mine.

Aloha Tom 05-27-2016 03:15 PM

Welcome to the forum, Some info about bike miles, how long you had it, problem sudden or bike been sitting?
I start all running diagnosis with a look at the spark plugs- probably replacement as they are cheap and already out...use NGK

then Seafoam thru the gas tank at 2 ounces per Gallon of fuel. On a car it takes 20-30 gallons fuel to get a really good job done.
Expect several tanks thru the Wing, but it makes grunge go away and resolves running problems that are not leaky fuel petcock or bad vac lines

Hopefully you can ride your troubles away~

Paul Grutzmacher III 05-27-2016 03:54 PM

Aloha! I have had the bike for about three weeks now. Bike has 99k miles. The bike had been sitting for about 6-8 months. Not too unusual around here, depending on how long crappy season lasts. Of course, I start my bike periodically during the winter and let it run for a bit. PO probably did not. Have changed oil and plugs. Replaced NGK's with NGK's. Plugs were brown and smelled of gas. That and the gas mileage leads me to think she's running a bit rich. Hmmm...2oz per gallon...I'll have to get some more seafoam. I've run about 6oz through so far (happens to be what I had in the garage at the time).

Mr Magic Fingers 05-27-2016 05:23 PM

Welcome aboard Paul!

You don't have to be so technical about the measuring of the Seafoam.

For the 1500, on a full tank of quality gas, pour in 1/2 can of seafoam. Then go drive that tank empty.

Do that 4 times (2 cans).

You will notice a big difference I am willing to bet. You may want to swap out that fuel filter afterwards too.

However, first you should inspect and replace any damaged or rotted out vacuum hoses from the carbs and engine. Pennies a foot from NAPA and the like.


Paul Grutzmacher III 05-27-2016 07:47 PM

Thanks Tim. I'll do that. It's not the cost of the vacuum's the dis-assembly to get to them :)i If I get a free rainy weekend I might tear in to them. It's definitely on my to-do list come October.

Aloha Tom 05-27-2016 10:05 PM

MrMagicFingers is wrong on seafoam. I am overly-educated on this product more than the average idiot~

CLEANING dose for problems or new to seafoam on this vehicle = 2 oz per gal
Maintenance dose used mid-year is 1 oz per gal fuel

More than 2 oz per gal does not make it work better or faster, less than 3/4 oz per gal is not enough to make a differance

Paul Grutzmacher III 05-27-2016 10:08 PM

So...1 12oz can per tank? Two cans worth still?

AZgl1800 05-27-2016 10:34 PM

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ditto on what Mr Magic Fingers said.

I bought a '94SE down in Phoenix, AZ when I lived and worked there.
the bike had sat for two years in the 115* summers and the carbs were a royal mess.

I refused to pull them off, I just ran a half can of Sea Foam in every tank of gas for about 3 months before the bike finally started running and idling like it should.

For the idling fix, I just put the bike up on the Center Stand, and left it idling for an hour each evening for about a week.... that sucks the Sea Foam thru the small idle circuits....

once you touch that throttle, the idle circuits are out of the game.

I also had to replace a lot of cracked vacuum lines.

Mr Magic Fingers 05-28-2016 06:16 AM

I never had an idling issue with any of my wings so I never had to let it sit running to clean the idle circuits up.

However, every spring I burn off the first tank of gas that has fuel stabilizer in it and then I run 4 tanks with 1/2 a can of sea foam in it.

Now, that's up here north of the 49. We don't use that corn syrup crap in our gas but do lay up our bikes longer for its winter nap than most of you guys.

The cans are 16 oz.

So my formula for spring breakfast for my bike is 6 gal of fresh gas to 8 oz of Seafoam. She (the bike) gets that 4 tanks in a row. The bike is now ready for the year.

That measurement puts it above the 1 oz per gallon and a less than the 2 oz per gallon ratio. At this point I have no need to use it at full strength ratios.

I have never had a carb (on any engine) that would have needed 2oz per gallon. Seafoam is good stuff.

Paul, it would not hurt anything to pour a full can into your tank. That would exceed the high dose recommendation but still not hurt anything. The bike might smoke a little but that's the Seafoam and not the oil. I would pick up 3 cans and do 3 tanks if you were going to do this. Drive it like your stole it. Lots of wrist function back and forth.

I don't like the bike sitting and idling for long long periods of time when there are no issues with idling. I will let my bike idle for 15 min a few times in the first tank or two but that's it, usually as I am getting ready to go.

Seriously though, I would not wait until October to dig into the vacuum tubing.

If you know your going to have rain on a Saturday, get the plastic off you bike Friday evening... it really does not take that long. Remove the top shelter and the sides. Saturday morning remove the air filter and start the bike up.

Use a good carb cleaner and spray the slides as it is running while twisting the throttle back and forth. Watch the sliders move and make sure they are not sticking. Stop the engine and spray as best you can into the area where the slides are covered and let it sit a few min. Start the bike again and give it another spray. Your done with that.

Being that you're already here, remove the breather box and clean it... only a few minutes to do that too. Now you can easily get at all the vacuum lines. Replace what's needed after carefully inspecting the hoses.

Hey... your plugs are staring right at you!!! Might as well check them. They can tell al lot on what going on with your bike. It just takes a few min longer.

You can do a search here in the forums to see the likely culprits.

Please don't wait until October for a few reasons. One, you will miss some QUALITY time riding the bike and will not get the pure enjoyment from cracking the throttle and feeling the response of a clean and working fuel system.

Second... safety. Sometime a laggy throttle response can get you into trouble by not getting you out of an unsafe situation when you "need it now" or that it acts erratic in a well leaned over turns or in traffic.

We want to see you... all of you new guys and gals have a safe, working bikes and up the "more smiles per miles" ratio!

Drive safe and enjoy.


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