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Mike Myers 08-20-2016 12:53 AM

Can i use LED HEADLITE on 1200A?
will a LED HEADLITE work right on an 84 GL? will it fit BEHIND the reflector lens, will it work right putting more light out on the road? why do some LED's have some kind of little box inline in the wiring and other do not? again, will the BIG BACK END of the LED fit behind the reflector without hitting something and generally not working/fitting? simple question

Bike...and Dennis 08-20-2016 01:03 AM

Sure, you can use LED if you have no need to see anything.

The OEM reflector is designed to be used with a halogen bulb. The reflectors have lost a lot of their ability to reflect over the years, which would make LED bulbs even less effective.

If you could figure out a way to renew, or polish your reflector, that would probably bring the beam back to what it should be. Trouble is, the reflector is very fragile and sensitive to chemicals. Guess how I know that.

rpeters549 08-20-2016 10:39 AM

For some that box is a cooling fan because the bulb runs hotter than other LED bulbs.
Your question is not really that simple. LED bulbs are very bright, but they more often than not give less down road light, just more up close.
As for whether it will fit - depends on the brand. Different brands are different sizes so you will have to get the measurements of the bulb you (might)0 choose and compare it to the room you have available.
Good luck!

AZgl1800 08-20-2016 04:02 PM

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I bought a pair of CREE driving lights advertised for jeeps, etc...

put them on my lawn tractor so we can mow after dark when the sun is gone.
they put out a terrific daylight white light, that lights up the trees to about 300 feet, and then they just fade away.

for a slow lawn mower at 5 mph, they are great.
I would NOT under any circumstances use them for anything except "driving lights" on a bar to make the bike look HUGE down the road to oncoming traffic.

They are not near good enough for use as a Headlight.
HIDs on the other hand, will light up th highway for a mile.... I can read the overhead interstate signs for way over a half mile clear enough I can read the info.

Mike Myers 08-21-2016 04:06 AM

well... there we have it (motor) sports depends ;) I believe that I read somewhere that the "flutes" in the lens scatter the light and blinds oncoming traffic. LED's need to have a clear lens to work right. and yes/no, I read that even LOOKING at the THIN ultra SENSITIVE COATING on the reflector is ...bad. I would be concerned to even to bother to open it up as I wud see no point in it to monkey with it (that deal... IF IT WORKS.... there is only one lever on that piece of equipment u need to know abt... LEAVE'er ALONE!!!). maybe I shd just to go the eye dr and get a new script for the glasses ;)

Bellboy40 08-21-2016 08:23 AM


Originally Posted by Mike Myers (Post 4799265)
snip.... there is only one lever on that piece of equipment u need to know abt... LEAVE'er ALONE!!!).

I like that saying. That's a good'n. :laugh:

SilverDave 08-21-2016 10:41 AM

The flutes on the 1200 lens and the reflector both require an almost point source light ( as did most car and bike lights in the 80's )
Incandescent bulbs are that .. If you want slightly brighter, try SilverStar bulbs .

As one reviewer of LED pointed out ( LOL )
LED bulbs appear much brighter , and are great if you drive only in cities or not at night ...

On the other hand , HID H4 bulbs are almost a point source , and work quite well ... very bright :

and fairly cheap .... from $30 to $120 .

The one hang-up is that they require an exciter box ... which sadly means that you have to dreme out l a 1" by3' hole in the back of your light cavity to place the box into the fairing . What a pain !

I quite like my 35 watt motorcycle HID's ... for one thing , the after start charging comes back to 13.5 volts much faster , because the bulb is 35 watts, not 55/60 .

Also, they are much brighter , WAY down the road, on a dark night . But a pain to install !!


Aloha Tom 08-21-2016 04:46 PM

ebay ~$30 for a pair of 2 inch diameter round LED ~6500K color, 15 watts - puts out light equal to 150 watt Halogen bulb
Very low demand on the charging system- requires approx 3 amps to run both on Full.
Shipped from San Diego instead of waiting on China.

The round clear lens units have 3 modes- low power for DRL- daytime running lights, Full power, and rapid FLASH-
which does a really nice job moving slow traffic out of the way :)

Oncoming traffic thru the mountains is very alert to my presence... from a long distance.

spiralout 08-22-2016 02:19 AM


Originally Posted by AZgl1800 (Post 4798953)
I would NOT under any circumstances use them for anything except "driving lights" on a bar to make the bike look HUGE down the road to oncoming traffic.
They are not near good enough for use as a Headlight.

...And that's because they aren't headlights, they're driving lights.
I wouldn't use an LED driving light for anything other than a driving light either.
If you want an LED headlight, like OP asked about, you use an LED headlight :wink2: You can't compare the things you put on your mower to a real LED headlight.
I installed a pair of these in a buddy's GS1250F and it's single bulb low beam easily outshines my 1500's dual lowbeam Silverstar Ultras and it's single high is comparable.

William_86 08-22-2016 11:21 AM

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hello guys, when i had my 1200 i installed a XENON bulb, i also noticed that the reflector (chrome finish) was very dull so i fixed it with a layer of chrome vinyl decal, a couple of weeks ago i did the same on my new balkyrie. if you search on the forum there is probably the pics of what i did on the goldwing because i dont have the pictures anymore, it really inproved the light output like 100%. i got the same results on my valkyrie. here are a couple of pictures


the goldwing reflector i believe is round, not square cut like the valkyrie but you can figure out how to do it, here are the vinyl that i cut to match the pattern on the reflector

now here is the reflector after

as you can see is a simple fix and to me cost me nothing since i already had the vinyl wrap, it was a left over but enough to make this. im sure you can get left overs at a decal shop or anywhere they use this vinyl wrap or even ask for a sample and that will do.

i dont have pictures of the light output after or before, but trust me its worth the time.

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