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GoldwingA1500 02-05-2019 01:50 PM

1997 Goldwing GL1500 Asp jerking again under load below 2,000
Hi all!

Well today was a gorgeous day so I decided to take my GL1500 out for a spin. And wouldn't you know it. The damn thing sometimes jerks or stumbles again under 2,000 RPM. I've been using non-ethanol fuel in it, and she's been great. What's strange is it didn't seem to happen until I took it off its maintenance stand.

I also noticed she doesn't want to start very easily at times. Cold and choke on first setting, it started and then died as though it didn't get enough fuel. Started it a second time and zooom she went. After warning her up, I took her out for a spin and the torque didn't seem as strong as usual. Once I got to 3rd gear, I accelerated a little harder at about 1,600 RPM and the jerks came back. Once above 2,000 RPM, she accelerated normal.

I'm noticing that if I roll the throttle to quickly, that's when she would sometimes jerk. But if I rolled the throttle a little slower, no jerking. I'm wondering if my accelerator pump might be malfunctioning.

If you all recall, I solved the problem last summer after replacing the spark plugs. I'm wondering if it's possible my float needle might be failing during shutdown and leaking fuel into the intake manifold. I say this because sometimes after shutdown, the engine smells flooded and it's difficult to start. Once you get her started, a little puff of smoke (blue) comes out of the left exhaust, and then all is clear. This only happens when the engine smells flooded. Wouldn't this also fowl out the plugs? Perhaps that was the reason why the last plugs failed.

I have a good mind to also check the coil voltage on the right side above the fan. It's a red wire connector and that was corroded last summer. It may have happened again because it's strange that this didn't happen until after I rolled the Wing off of its stand.

Any ideas guys?


DaveO430 02-05-2019 04:23 PM


Originally Posted by GoldwingA1500 (Post 5820893)

I have a good mind to also check the coil voltage on the right side above the fan. It's a red wire connector and that was corroded last summer.

Any ideas guys?


That's the connector to the kill switch & right handlebar switches which then goes to the ignition. There is another connector to the coils to the right of the air box. I thought you had an ignition problem all along. Cracked coil, bad wire or end cap. I have seen where coolant has leaked on top of the coils and corroded the connections.

redwing52 02-05-2019 05:14 PM

I agree with Dave. When you accelerate hard the voltage required to fire the plugs really increases. If you find you can gently roll on the throttle and the engine will run up to high RPM but if you hot the accelerator hard and it balks that can be a sign of a weak spark. Could be primary or secondary wiring issues, bad plugs, coil etc.

ALEX BERECZKY 02-06-2019 01:55 PM

I re-read your earlier thread, and wonder if you ever Deleted the Fuel Petcock? (as I believe that you should)
Either it may be bad (which is common), and/or it may have a poor vacuum supply operating it (which will cause fuel starvation).

In regards that hard-starting when cold... Try opening the throttle 1/2-1 turn (prior to starting engine), then close, then start as-normal using choke.
I normally only have to do this when the temps are sub-30F... At higher temps, this method may flood the engine.

AZgl1800 02-06-2019 02:08 PM

I 2nd opening the throttle before starting, and then full choke.
has always helped my 1500s when cold.

Alan_Hepburn 02-06-2019 02:16 PM

I get a jerk on my GL1500SE every so often - but I just take a deep breath, and give myself an attitude adjustment, and everything is good again... >:)

redwing52 02-06-2019 05:51 PM

I think you guys are talking about different "Jerks." :wink2:

Bike...and Dennis 02-06-2019 07:04 PM

Are we sure this isn't just a case of "lugging a cold engine"?

MysticFour 02-06-2019 07:08 PM

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Originally Posted by redwing52 (Post 5821191)
I think you guys are talking about different "Jerks." [IMG class=inlineimg]/forums/images/GoldwingFacts_2015/smilies/tango_face_wink.png[/IMG]

careful, this is a pg forum

GoldwingA1500 02-06-2019 07:44 PM

LOL You guys are a riot! No "jerking" on my GL1500, figuratively speaking. :grin3: I mean, I love my bike for sure, but not enough to "please" myself. I suppose I could set the cruise on, and that'll free up a hand. :ROFL:

The jerking happens below 2,000 RPM as it is trying to accelerate. I too am convinced that this a ignition/power issue and the plugs are probably not getting enough spark, either from a cracked coil, bad wire(s), or possibly a power source issue. I'll check all of that once I am done with the 1986 restoration. She runs anyways...just have to not accelerate so hard (1/2 throttle) under 2,000 RPM.

As for the seldom difficulty starting, as I indicated earlier, the problem happens after shut down and the bike has been sitting for about 20 minutes. I can smell fuel on the engine, and I believe the left carburetor is leaking fuel into the intake manifold because of a failed float needle. If you all recall, I mistakenly set the floats to 7mm, when they were supposed to be set to 8mm. I never corrected that yet, but that's coming before the Spring. I want to remove the carbs, replace the float needs and set them to 8mm, and while the carbs are off, I'll remove the coils (not sure how that's done on the GL1500; I do not have a manual for that bike), and check all of the wires, caps, and the coils. Hell since they will be off, I might as well replace them.

Any suggestions on a good aftermarket coil for the GL1500? I was unable to find one on EBAY except for a 1989 model. I'm not sure if the coils on an 1989 GL1500 are the same as the 1997 GL1500. And what about plugs wires? Any recommendations?


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