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Originally Posted by martin_wynne View Post
It should be quite simple to re-instate the missing images in old posts, assuming a back-up file from the old server is still available.

There were on the old server in the format:

where the /123/ sub-folder is the user's ID number.

If the old /gallery/ folder is copied as-is to the new server, all the images in the old posts would become visible again.

The problem is that this wouldn't recreate the Photo Gallery in the new software or allow members to access and edit their old pictures in there.

But getting the old posts working again is surely the most important requirement? If necessary members can recreate their Gallery by uploading afresh.



i think the folders are all still there, , but the problem is we all have different member ID numbers to what we had before, and the old gallery image folders have our old member ID numbers. so working out who owned what gallery folder in the old days is a headache.
but as you said, having the old pictures available at all will be better than nothing.

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