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Nassir 6 Auction Videos

Here is a list of Auction Videos from Nassir 6. I broke them up into run times between 6:46 & 12:45 minutes
Nassir 6 Opening Credits

Auction-1: Rain Seat Cover, Zamboni

Auction-2: Tornado, Nassir5 Jim Beam, Honey

Auction-3: Joke preventitor(sp?) certificate

Auction-4: Tent, LED Running Lights

Auction-5: Nuts, Maple Syrup, Tea

Auction-6: Hats, Homemade Soup

Auction-7: T-Shirt, LED chip Light

Auction-8: License Plate Frame, Amber Syrup, Rhino Hat

Auction-9: Long Distance Awards, Cross Stitch

Auction-10: Shot Glasses & Bottle, Honey, Rhino Sauce, Hats, Homemade Soup

Auction-11: Tornado, Apron, Wind Chimes & Cards, Tornado, Tool Kit

Auction-12: Canadian Tire Money, Ghirardelli Candy, Maple Syrup (must see) , 2 Shot Glasses, D-Rod Joke Preventitor (sp?)

Auction-13: Book “How to say Goodbye” , Book “Life goes on”, Bumper Sticker, Fork Brace

Auction-14: Wine, Moose.

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