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GL1000/1100/1200 Single Carb Conversion 2 Barrel 32DFT Progressive Runs Excellent

I want to start off by saying that this was a collaborative effort,

I did not do this Alone.


My Bike, is not the only Bike, that is Running Great Now, with this Exact or very Similar Single Carb Conversion setup.

This Single carb. Setup, is a Forumla for success, out of the box success, with the 32DFT 2-barrel Progressive Carb. No Jetting at all, all i did was, remove the Elec. auto choke (It is Not needed) start the engine, and set the Idle to 1000 rpm, Then inspect for leaks, air up the tires and Go for a Ride.

I am Not Selling Anything,

I want to provide to everyone, the Best running Carb.'d Intake system available for the 4cyl. Goldwing.

Bold statement, i know,

Read through My documentation here of all the efforts Involved, to get to this Point By all that have contributed to achieve this Goal.

Thanks go to The following people that made this all Possible;
in no particular order,

Joe Known as JoeDrum He is running this Single Carb. System Currently
on the ClassicGoldWing forum
Dan Filipi Also Classic Goldwing Forum He is building this Single Carb. System Currently
on the ClassicGoldWing forum
As well as Others on that site that have contributed.
Captain MidNight, I think he is on every Site He is running this Single Carb. System Currently
Robbnc, Here On this site He is running this Single Carb. System Currently
& Me
Westgl I am on all Goldwing forums pretty much. I am running this Single Carb. System Currently

My Bike runs Flawless, no Hesitation or Bogging at all at any time while riding.

The others listed above, are having the same great results, that i am having.

It is what Honda should have provided.

Idles Great at 1000RPM,
Smooth throttle, No bogging or hesitation at all, anywhere.
No re-jetting, or fooling with jets, just bolt on and Ride
Engine Revs Extremely Fasst! to Redline.
Instant starting, Every time.
This carb has a Accelerator pump, and is fantastic for throttle response, and start up.
No choke needed at all
Engine has a Lot More Torque, long Manifold Runners = Big Torque
Engine pulls from a Lower RPM, 2000-rpm easily in 4th gear No Lugging (But be realistic, the bikes power curve is 3K and Up, this will provide extreme acceleration when going through the gears)
I even had it pull from 1800 Rpm, In 4th gear No lugging
This is more like Goldwing 6 Cylinder torque.
This more Engine Torque & Power, means more power for pulling away from a stop much quicker than stock, roll on power is much Better, Going through the gears, Is Greatly Improved, More Power for where we Ride our bikes in that 95% of the time, But The TOP end Rush is Also Improved.

I will have to get back to you when i find one.
__________________________________________________ ____________________________________________

Note: I do not have any MPG figures as it is too early to tell what that might be with this new single carb. conversion.

I have a Weber 32DFT 2bbl. progressive carb on a VW Type IV manifold using silicone rubber hose runners to the Oem GL1100 head stub Manifolds.

It Runs Excellent, and the engine revs. to 8K+RPM, Very Fast revving.

It runs so well, there is No jetting that needs to be done.

It Runs Great Right out of the Box.

I have done Absolutely No carb. tuning, other than set the Idle Speed screw to 1000- rpms for a great idle.

Thanks to CaptainMidnight85, for the carb. suggestion, and his help.

I have gone through 3 revisions so far, this thread will outline those changes, I will be working of revision #4 soon that uses S.S. Brushed and polished Grab bars like the Moen grab bars at Lowes & Home depot, these come out to a very reasonably priced intake tubes that look very professional.

The weber Carb from Tom is still running very well

Next I will build some venturi's

Currently I have been riding my Single carb Conversion and trying to get some MPG figures for my 83' GL1100.

My fuel economy figures are better than i though they would be if i stay on the primary barrel, but this carb is great cause you have a dual purpose carb all in one good MPG and a Hot Rod side too.

Current Bikes,
1983 GL1100 72K 32DFT Single 2-bbl Progressive Carb, and Runs Excellent,
1984 GL1200A 55K Reverse Trike Project, Single 2bbl. Progressive carb
1986 GL1200 Interstate, Now Naked, She just turned 43K
1988 GL1500/6 Phantom Grey 2-bbl SCC Trike Mustang GT Rearend, Rear Disc Brakes, HD Mufflers
2005 Burgman 650 20K
07' M109R 1855 miles 130hp 120ft lb torque Reverse Trike 99' Miata front suspension
2013 Honda NC700X 4k, AVG 77.68mpg
2015 Valkyrie, 4K miles Hot rod, Excellent bike
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