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The Carb. is a Weber 32DFT it is a 32/32mm Progressive carb

It works very Well in part due to a small Choked Venturi, 32x32mm throttle bores that are choked down to just 22mm each this speeds up the Fuel air charge, that combined with the long intake runners provide Great engine Torque, and More usable power than you ever thought possible.

We are using a VW Type IV alum. Manifold Plenum

Many people have used this many without success,

Until Now,

It is our winning combination, that just works very well.

We do not try to use a carb. that is Way, Way to big in either Air or Fuel delivery, that plus the rest of this system all provides a winning combination.

I removed the auto choke on my 32DFT. as the carb. is too big to fit between the frame for me comfortably with the auto choke on it.

There is a vacuum port under the auto choke, that needs to be covered/Plugged.

Revised a screw that is taken off the choke can be screwed into the vacuum port, to block it.


I made a small block off plate, a manual choke could be made, very easily.

I got rid of the oem inlet can fuel filter going into the carb. & put a 1/8" pipe thread 90degree brass fuel inlet fitting.

I took off the front solenoid, and put in a plug, and another plug in under the fuel inlet is a smog inlet another plug here.

I removed the oem Choke lever arm on throttle shaft.

I bought a uni-Link Kit.

The Uni-Link is what i used to set up my throttle cable, it Holds the stock Pull cable end, and does a pretty good reliable job, I am getting full throttle, at this point and still have more movement at my hand to go than the Carb. needs to go to full throttle at the carb.

From what I have read, & when I pulled that vac. unit apart, it looks like there is some adjustment in that advance unit, to advance the timing some.

I need to make a bracket for the cable Adjustment Hold.

I have a design sketched out, for the stock Cable adjustment Hold.

The stock cable may be too long, If that is the case I have another cable that is 4" shorter, it looks just like the 83' GL1100 cable only 4" shorter, i think it was for a CB750 but i will have to verify that I have what bike it was for on the cable.

Only problem is finding stuff in my new shop is tuff, a lot of stuff still in boxes after the move, but the new shop is HUGH!!!

My bike is a 83' GL1100 and has a Vacuum operated advance.

I am using the vacuum port front right to advance the timing

I am Contemplating adding heat to the manifold center section.

But i am going to try it without heat first.

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