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Yes…. they come as a pair. According to the Honda microfiche:

30300-ML8-680 (replaces 30300-MG9-681) 001 $104.00 $77.79
available from Honda Direct Line.

Is the 1st gear the only problem with the transmission? Can you get it into all the other gears? If that's the case then you MIGHT, just might have a problem under the transmission cover…. where the oil filter fits. It might be a shift pawl or shift pin problem. But if it's the shift fork then you will have to split the engine cases. I can't tell you exactly which fork it is but it'll be the one that's burnt where it fits into the slider gear. You need to replace both the fork AND the slider gear it fits into.
If you have running boards it could be in the adjustment for the rods or maybe it's the angle the shift pedal is at…. it should be parallel with the ground.

88 GL1500
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