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Shifter Pivot feedback

I installed mine last night and the quality and fit were very good.

I have floorboards so the added step for me was to shorten the floorboard spacer by the exact width of the shifter pivot. The original floorboard bolt now secures my floorboard through the shortened spacer plus the shifter pivot. (The toe heal shifter is not for me. Stock pegs were already on my to do list.)

I left early this morning and got a 300 mile test ride in. It rained hard at times and I thought of recent threads telling of garage bound Wings in cold country and decided rain and mid 60's F was nothing to complain about.

Before installation I would get a light gear clash on too many shifts. Mostly going from 2ed to 3rd and 3rd to 4th. Occasionally I would somehow miss a gear. Now shifts are more feel firm/deliberate and the light clash is gone.

I'm well satisfied with the Aux Shifter Pivot.

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