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I am no expert on MC design, but I can tell you what practical improvements I would like to see on a future Goldwing.

1. Headlight running right across from mirror to mirror. Get rid of the chrome or black filler pieces where the current headlight ends, instead extend the headlight up to the mirrors.

2. Better foot protection from rain. Heated saddles and grips are useless when my "waterproof" boots are soaked through. Honda should have beaten that by extending the lower fairing or the engine covers out to keep rain off boots.

3. Place the warm air vents in more practical places. The lower vents (in the exhaust covers) in the newer 1800 and on the old 1500se are too far forward and any warm air gets whisked away by the forward motion of the bike. Those vents should be nearer our feet.
Make the lower fairing knee area vents bigger.
Make the windshield vent wider and get rid of the small fiddly vents near the speakers. I'll take bigger speakers instead.

4. Extend the dash cover out to better cut down reflections from the instruments.

5. More side lighting, along the saddlebags and fairing.

6. Get rid of the long antenna and replace it with a low visibility antenna. The long ones look cool but are impractical and they often rip motorcycle covers.
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