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I read your article and was very intrested. I have been pondering the idea of installing this type of c/c on my 81. Like you,I am not to crazy about the magnet on the wheel setup for the VSS. The only problem I forsee is that my 81 does not have a speed sensor for turn signals, in that mine does not have auto cancel signals. Although, the wiring diagram does show a speed sensor in the speedo head for use by the air suspension warning system. I was wondering if you had looked at this sensor for use as a signal source. I do have an oscilliscope I could test it with, but getting to a test point without removing the fairing does'nt look possible. If you have not tested, I will, although probably not too soon. Probably a winter thing. Too much good riding weather right now. Keep up the good work. The article was GREAT!!


81 GL1100 Interstate
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