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I drove without a valid license for many years, over a decade in fact. So accidents were really a big danger.

I too watch through other vehicles and I watch the wheels. Another thing is my head almost never stops turning looking up driveways and cross streets. I miss a lot of scenery but al of this has become habit.

Another tip for when riding is do not sit in neutral at a light. It's a real good way to get rear ended. Keep yer bike in gear with the clutch just barely past the friction point and the tension out on the throttle. Keep yer right foot on the peg coverin ghte rear brake and squeaze and release the front brake lever so the brake light is flashing.

Something else I do. When passing an eighteen wheeler ont eh interstate I pull up fairly close behind it in the same lane, this lets me slip through the slistream of displaced air behind him, this make acceleration easier when I pop out from behind him in the other lane it takes a very little twist of the trottle to speed up by five or ten miles perhour just coming out of that slipstream. When I get past the traler wheel I hit the throttle hard and stay in it until I'm past the front of the truck by two car lengths. What for? By accelerating through the wall of air at the front of the truck it in minimizes the buffeting that usually accurs and is somethimes strong enough to push your bik eeither towards the ditch or towards the sid eof the truck.

Typicaly by the time I hit that two car lengths mark ahead of the truck I'm aproaching tripple digits. I drop the throttle and dip back into the trucks lane nice a smooth. At two car legnths ahead of him that wall f air that big honking monster is pushing is alsot a tail wind for the bike.

Yeah it's a bit of hot dogging and isn't somethign the novice shout try because your error margin is so slim. but when sone right it's a nice smooth pass that's not only effective ut a bit of fun to.

Ok so maybe that wasn't exactly a safety tip sure is fun.

Ok here is a bit of a safety tip. try to avoid decelerating along side a big rig. When at a constant speed the buffeting is bad enough. But I find that when decelerating it's even worse.

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