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Originally Posted by OnaWingandaPrayer View Post
I like how this is shaping up . Sorry you lost the first cap but learnig is not always inexpensive . So if I understand after the "button" is pressed in then you go back to the lathe and finish the outside . Nice . I bet you could even do a set with spikes for a real custom look .

A thought to offer . Being aluminum , I would think ( thats dangerous) you could get the .002 fit and not have to force it . I think you could warm the cap enough that the button could drop in . You could freeze the button if you needed just a bit more fit clearence.
Looking good .
I am wondering how it will hold under heat. Another thought i had was to cut a tiny v groove at the split line where the button and the cap meet. I could then lay a thin bead of solder for a more positive hold. A little more effort but may be necessary. I could polish or turn away the excess easily on the lathe. You would never see it.


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