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Let me turn this another direction . As a teaching/learning project ,what is the possibility of threads ? Maching the old button out . Cut SAE (?) threads and screw the new button in place with loctite and then the final machine work .
Another thought: Is there enough depth/meat to cut an O-Ring groove in the button instead of the rubber gasket under the button .

Back to heat , I am only thinking of say toaster oven at 150-200 degrees . If the rubber gasket could be glued to the frozen button - no heat damage .

I dont know if you can get solder to adhere to aluminum . But as reread your thought of cutting a groove....If the groove (half depth groove) was cut in the button and corrosponding (other half) groove in the cap , Then flow solder in to fill the groove and it would be locked in place . It wouldnt neccessarily need to adhere to the aluminum.

I may yet have to take one of my broken ones apart to study this .

NASR 10 Good times!
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