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how do I fix a bad back break light, and turn sgnl?

Hello Everyone:

OK, just yesterday, on my 1993 Goldwing Aspencade 1500, a nice older gentleman pulled up to the stop light next to me, and said, "Hey buddy do you know that you don't have break lights on your right side?" I thanked him and went home to try to fix it.
I don't think it's the bulb because when I put the bike key on,the light comes on weakly but when I squeeze the break handle, it goes out, and the left hand side lights come on much brighter while my right hand side break lights go out totally. :wtf: What do I have to do to trouble shoot this problem. My friend thinks it's a short, but he also said it could be the bulb because some bulbs are like "3-ways" in your home, they do more than just one task. (is that true?) , and are there separate fuses for left and right back break lights? if so what fuses do I have to check and how? (if they're not the little see-thru plastic type of fuses?
oh yea, and can I buy the bulb needed from any autoparts store or do I have to get it someplace special?

mY name is Bruce, from Spring Lake Heights NJ, (Really from Manhattan NYC but now I'm in suck-ass Jersey) any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Thanks again,
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