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GL 1200 Odometer removal and motor test - Part 2

This is part Two of this Thread

Remove the three screws on the front of the panel and then gently slide it partially out.

You will see the Stepper Motor clip and you can gently unclip this by pulling it. Remember its orientation for re-installation.

You can test the Stepper Motor with an LED. On mine there are two grounds (green wires). Stuff one end of the LED wire in a ground and one by one place the other end in the other colored wire slots. If the circuits work you can spin the Stepper Motor shaft and the LED will blink. Test the two green wire slots with all the other colored wires. Some will work with each ground and some will not but they should all work with at least one of the green grounds.

If this test shows the Stepper Motor is good then you have a connection problem or a circuit board problem or an odometer gear problem. Spray electrical contact cleaner in the Stepper Motor connection on the motor lead where you tested with the LED, and on the board.

If the Stepper Motor doesnít work I donít have any advice except happy hunting. Mine tested ok so I re-installed it. They apparently can be taken apart and cleaned but this looks like finicky work. You may also be able to find a replacement.

Use the opportunity to clean the rest of the board and panel.

As they say in the manuals Ė putting it back together is a matter of reversing the steps. Pay attention to the way the Stepper Motor worm gear engages with the odometer plastic shaft gear.

One test I suppose you could do that I didnít think of before I put it all back together is to put the panel back together and then plug all the circuits back in. Jack the front of the bike off the ground and turn the key on. Spin the front wheel in the proper direction of forward travel for a while and see if the odometer changes. I donít know if this will work but I donít see why not.

If you put this all back together and the odometer still doesnít work it is likely a board problem - unless the plastic shaft gear is so worn in the odometer it just wonít turn. Time to search the bone yards.

Or just keep track of the miles /kilometers with the trip odometer.

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