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Originally Posted by 85GL1200LTD View Post
Well thanks for the replies, I will try and get my hands on some 1500 coils and Harley pipes and start there.

Has anyone used the Accel coils?

Running down the Valkyre is just a fun idea. ive got fast bikes like the SV1000 and the KZ1000. I don't need a hotrod out of this bike, just wanted a little more juice.

As far out-riding the old man, fat chance. He is an accomplished IBA rider and has run the Hoka Hey on his Harley. I am active duty and have to take all the MSF courses and can drag the pegs at not much more than idle. Im not trying to brag here and I mean no disrespect but I do "own" my bikes and "take full responsibility". Im also a mentor for inexperienced riders. please understand we don't race around being irresponsible, I just want a bit more juice out of the bike. thank you
Thank you for doing that thing that you do!

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