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slickster wrote:
I have an 80 1100 wing....runs ok, looks decent but needs some TLC to be nice....been asking $1000 for it....can break it down and part it out....seems that the total sum from parting it out is around $1000 or more.....takes more time and effort....any ideas/opinions?.....Mick
Careful what you wish for - confish86 summed it up pretty good! Parting a bike is a LOT of work. From tear-down and catalog, to storage and photos. Eventually advertising and selling which usually involves FeeBay plus associated costs/time, payments, UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.

Some folks do it well and thrive on it and I'm always very grateful for the various good bits I need to keep hauling. I witnessed a friend parting out early 80's Voyager and grossed over $3k. Easily $2k or more than any offer he'd received for the complete bike. Trouble is - see 1st paragraph.

'Might try a couple small orphan items laying around, multiply that by 100 or more and see if it may work for you?


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