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bwssr wrote:
Hi All

I have an 86 goldwing. When I go to start it I usually have to give it a little gas to get it going andthen it backfires. It happensabout 80% of the time. I have changed my timing belts and checked the timing. What else should I check?
Bwssr, try a little enrichener (choke) maybe about 1/2 or 1/4. If it's backfiring througha carb (probably L/H side) that means lean. Choking it a little shouldn't hurt the starting as once you open the throttle to start it (as you said above) the choke doesn't do much with an open throttle but will help the backfire as the throttle is closed then opened again.

If it's backfiring through the exhaust then that is a different problem so let us know if it is an exhaust backfire?

There isn't an accelerator pump or pumps in those 1200 carbs so sometimes they need a little choke even when warm.


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