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Goldwinger1984 wrote:
Twisty, please check your notes again. 84-85's did not have accelerator pumps in the carbs but later years of the 1200did have an accelerator pump. If you can find verification otherwise please let me know where you found the info.

Also, for the record, 84-85's had 32mm carbs and 86-87's had 30mm carbs.

Vic, I am riding a 1986 1200 Wing right now with original carbs & no accelerator pump or pumps. I also don't show any accelerator pump or pumps in my service manuals (Honda & Clymer) & don't show any pumps in either my parts fishe or parts books.

I wish my 86 1200 had accel pumps as that would allow me to lean out the off-idle some more & pick up better fuel economy.

Where did you find the info on the 1200 having pumps? I haven't ever worked on a late 1200 California emission Wing so maybe something there but my books sure don't show it.


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