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¬* Re your "leak" .............................You can tighten up the exhaust stud nuts¬* with¬* a small box wrench ... They should be "Torqued "¬* to 12 ft lbs, or whatever it is [img]/forums/images/emoticons/cool.gif[/img].. but you cannot easily get a socket on a torque wrench¬* ¬*in there, without¬* removing the fairing and crash bars ... UGH !¬* [img]/forums/images/emoticons/mad.gif[/img]¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*I use a small¬* 4 inch flat box wrench.. and tighten them "Thumb Tight "¬* which is about as much as I can easily apply with¬* just a single digit.. not even two ... there is a crush gasket in there , which you are tightening the headers to ..... I have cured several "Exhaust leaks "¬* by this simple gentle¬* tightening .......¬* a slightly rich carb, and a leaky exhaust will¬* indeed cause a backfiring ......¬* ¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* ¬*¬* Re Balancing :¬* a good mech has the¬* manometers to cleanly balance your carbs.. and around here, I have had that job done for less than $50¬*¬*SilverDave¬*[img]/forums/images/emoticons/emoticonsxtra/cooldj.gif[/img]

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