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I agree with both you and Dave 100%.

The basics are missing. Not necessarily from me though.
Anyway, I chose The MP-08's over the stick-coils that everyone else was going with at the time ..for their size.
I road-mapped my plan in the opening post just as I had it on paper. I always start with pen and paper first.
"Digital" summarizes much.

I sure like keeping things period to the daily-rider '78.
If I'm doing something to that bike, my overall goal has been to keep it relatively simple and not go beyond early-80's technology. To date, whatever has been done to it could've been duplicated back in '82.
Though those coils depart from that ideological viewpoint, it would give the visual appearance of not doing so while dramatically improving my ignitions capabilities.

Changes have since happened.

I had to replace the engine in the daily-rider due to a spun bearing. The rotating assembly uses a altered crankshaft.
I built that destroked engine for sustained high-rpm use above the factory redline. That engine was redesigned for use with DOHC heads.
The only original part in the bottom-end is the crank which had the rod journals altered and, as you know because of that, everything else changed, including the top-end, stock heads or not..
That engine is a mix of manufactures.
This is where you now come into the game.

I had help from someone in California.

I had jumped the gun in starting this thread thinking evolution would be nice as a tool for teaching.
For other reasoning I chose to leave this thread alone despite having completed the goal myself quietly.
This set-up is capable. That is the word, "capable".
For the average Schmo, thos is incredibly cost effective.

I had become so muddied in the effort of trying get a base understanding together, starting with terminology, that "digital" was good-enough for me at the time if that is what is understood.
I had given-up on passive participation.

How about this: I am now the recipient of passive information.
Seeing that picture of your bike using that simple ignition solution for a single-fire ...had never crossed my mind. That bothers me.

I am done giving passively for some very good reasons.
What I am seeing elsewhere today with a ignition manufacturer and another forum will eventually play itself out in a unhealthy and epitomized kind of way. I could be wrong.
I am done with this thread.
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