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Starting July 1st, there are no longer height restrictions on handlebars here.

South Dakota codified law 32-20-3

With more Riders per capita here than anywhere else on Earth (allow me the exaggeration), it's good to know that those with the Power to Govern allow the individual to choose for himself what suits him best.

Elsewhere with more restrictive legislature, we out here do what we want with our bikes, and then we ride 'em.
The generalized feeling I get here is this, can do what you want to do so long as you're responsible enough to do it and enjoy the consequential results afterward ...good or bad.

That's the kind of Freedom from Government I like.
That's why I continue to keep living here despite the long Winters.
Every Winter I think of Snowbirding it out to somewhere else.

1 State of the 48 contiguous see it my way. That's good enough for me today.

Freedom > The More the Better.
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