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Originally Posted by mikesojourn2 View Post
I'm surprised the politicians could actually agree on anything... I hope the folks use their newfound freedom to RIDE SAFE! I had the pleasure to ride through SD a couple of years ago and they really do have a huge amount of riders and some beautiful scenery.
There are ways to handle the stupidity of grips at the top of ones crew-cut hairline. I've no doubt that some will try their time with hands higher than comfortable, ...or even safe imo.
But like most things, sooner or later the newness subsides and the kids get their hands back down to something more comfortable. The old-school guy's that run bars at about shoulder height have been doing it all along anyway. They aint changing nothing.
The weekenders wont change much either.
It'll be the kids trying out their best shot in emulating TV that will realize TV is fiction and that high grips are a pain in the Ess.

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