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Originally Posted by AZgl1500 View Post
That link is the same one that appears at the top of the forum pages under Quick Links....

but, I have never found a Download Button...

the only thing I see is a box to enter member names, and "Locate" or "GeoSearch"

I have tried Firefox, IE and Chrome with the same results on all of them.

I see that you can print the maps, but with just a Black & White printer, that is not much use. I just pull the data off and stuck it in my notebook for those who are close enough for me to want their info.

I did find a "new member" to me, he is up the road north about 20 miles, sent him an email and got his phone number, will be seeing more of him "real soon now".
Someone's playing with things... The "Download" is now gone.
Maybe it's because I don't know how to operate the map but I see no use in it.
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