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mr irrelevant
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Never thought would have to use the ignore feature, i was wrong.

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I've been homeless.....

Was it fun?
Was I happy about it?
Was it of my own doing?

It wasn't CM's fault and it's true, it's not his problem.

I'm not much of a bleeding heart although I will always try to lend a hand when I can, But......... I also believe that it's a mans job to provide for himself.

Don't like your current situation? Change it!

It ain't CM's (or MY) responsibility to take care of others quality of life.

America gives us all the rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Want happiness? get to pursuing it.

Now.... If I too am "Stupid" for seeing things this way - then so be it.
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Sometimes it is not that easy, look at the unemployment numbers, sometimes jobs just are not out there. In my town, a mining community, about every 5 years the mines shut down, thousands all of a sudden unemployed in a town of only 10,000. If you yourself were out of work, couldn't find a job, unemployment ran out, just exactly, honestly now, how far would you go to provide for your family? Also, it is extremely hard for those with a criminal record to get a job.

It is not as simple as "well I did it, why cant you"

Imagine if nobody helped AT ALL. Imagine the problems then?

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In my business, I've dealt with Homeless people for years.. I can't even begin to rememberhow manyfree meals I've given away, only to have my bathrooms trashed and property stolen.. My thank you for a helping hand..

Of all the offers of employment I made, no one ever excepted.. Most I've come in contact with don't want helpthey just want free.. They'd rather live this vagabond life style.. Here in California the communities have made them into another welfare group.. Continuously asking for donations that set them upwith everything they need to continue this life style..Free food, clothing,shelter and free medical care.. On their ample free time they don't look for work, they beg.. They'reeverywhere begging for the money they spend on whatever..All the free give a waysappear to be the reasonsome will never give up their camping adventure..

BM your words are well spoken and I applaud you for your compassion.. But I'vedone my share and I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel.. They don't care, and I don't care..

As CM said I owe them nothing..

It's time for them to make the first move.........................

Back to riding after a 30 yr lay off.. Started with a 86 Magna 750 on to a 02 Shadow 1100,99 Magna 750,91 ST1100, finaly a 93 Wing.. and now an 06 1800 Loven Life...
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Perfect example savedbyhim,

If you were mining and all of the sudden the mines closed...... Do something else!

When life gives you lemons..................
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picasso wrote:
This forum is made up of some of the very finest folk on this earth but in every crowd there is at least one assH**e and it's always that one that never ceases to amaze me with the crap that falls out of his mouth. One that you can always count on to be as stupidly offensive no matter what the subject.
If you arelooking for "political correctness" with a sympathetic view from me, then you will continue to get amazing results, no matter what the subject.

I've been called so many things that you couldn't begin to scratch the surface of it all picasso, so no harm on my end for your choice of obtuse words.

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I am going to close this topic, open the windows and let some fresh air through the house.

~ John

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I've always loved the "do something else" response. It's so easy to say things like that. So easy to just offhandedly tell someone to get a life.

It's so easy, so very easy to say it. But doing it, man that's the thing. Doing it is completely different. While yes I've done it, more than once. I've NEVER been able to do it without help.

With the economy the way it is, and unemployment numbers the way they are, how is a guy with no call back number, no mailing address going to get called back? How many men who haven't had a shower in days and has been wearing the same set of clothes for a week or maybe even a month, is going to walk into ANY workplace and not be told to leave before he even has a chance to ask for work?

I know how it is. I've lived it. I've survived it. And I pray I never have to do it again. I've been thrown out, literally grabbed and physically thrown out a door because I smelled to bad.

Again, I never asked for anyone to give anyone money, or food, or any material thing. I'm not asking anyone to give anyone a job. I only asked for 90 seconds of TIME. For a smile and a kind word. Hey if you don't want to give even that God bless you. And I pray for you, that you never find yourself in that position, or if you do. you at least meet someone better than yourself. Someone willing to give you 90 seconds of time, a smile and a kind word. The only thing you need to feel like a human being again and maybe find the resolve needed to make it through one more day until you can "do something else".

I will ask for one more thing. If that's how you feel. If you can't spare a few seconds, or a smile. If a kind word is to much to ask of you for another human being. Keep it to yourself. I don't like seeing the members of this forum look bad. And let me tell you brother, posting stuff like that really make you look like a real...

I can't finish the above sentence, the standards here are higher than that.

Hey, like I said I've been out there and I have a real clear picture of the kind of person you encounter living on the street. I know better than most the danger involved with dealing with hobos, bums, street folk, and vagrants. I used all those terms because they all apply to a different kind of person. I've been rolled out of my bag in the middle of the night. I've been bum rushed. I've been smacked with bottles and stuck with steak knives. I've also rolled into camp and been handed a hot meal and offered a swig off a bottle. I've run into FTRA and had to fight for my life.

We all take risks though. Even of you don't want to take the 90 seconds, even if you don't want to speak the kind word. Give them a smile as you walk on. Meh...why do I bother?

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Our Soldiers are what make us strong. Without them there would be no USA.

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Good post Broke Thanks, I almost missed out at first thinking the post was to long to read.

Kim H
WARNING: It has been reported that Goldwing riding may be habit forming!
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Originally Posted by CaptainMidnight85 View Post
tmdriverwannabe wrote:
It's a personal view...

YES, I am biased. BW talks of those that choose to live perpetually as Homeless. He's not asking for us to consider folks like himself that hit whatever circumstance and arose from the situation to better themselves. Somebody either wants something better than what they already have, ...or they don't. BW did, and he's here to post about it. Proof is in the pudding.

I owe them nothing. I didn't buy it, and it's not my project to fix.

I have to agree with this post the most.

Back in 1993 we moved from NY to Melbourne Florida. We had a hard time making a go of it for the first few months, Fishing on the local bridges provided a great deal of our daily proteins. No fishing, no food. But then there were days were there wasn't $1.50 to be had for the bait. On the Eau Gallie bridge going over the Indian River, I was tough by the homeless how to net your own bait and were to fish for the best fish to guarantee a meal for the day. These were great guys, but don't offer them more than a dollar, they won't take it. Could never understand why. One night at the bridge, one of the guys broke his old pole that he had found. A bunch of us all pitched in and went to Walmart to buy him a $6 Rod and Reel, you would have thought we just bought him a new car.

On Thanksgiving day, I went to the bridge and invited them to the house for a good meal, but they didn't want to come. They had their own family and they were going to spend the day together, on the shores of the river, over an open fire, with their chicken soup, a luxury for them. I offered $5 to help with their meal but they didn't want it...... I was confused. I asked one of them a few days later why and he said they didn't want anything that they are not accustomed to, or would just get them into bad habits or into trouble. It wasn't that he didn't appreciate it, he just didn't need it. If he wants a burger, he'll ask for the $0.89 it cost for the burger, nothing more...... Then he laughed and said it was a good thing he hated burgers.......

Those that wish to be homeless are great people. They are no different than you or I, they just have a different out look on how they want to live. It doesn't make it any worse than how I live today...... I was just as happy when I had to live "almost" like them. I was more appreciative that they were there to save me.

This doesn't account for every homeless situation, but the real homeless that want to be, want to be for a reason........ Something we may never understand, but it works for them.

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Life is Hard.......... It's even Harder if your Stupid.......... Don't ask me how I know.
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