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AZgl1800 03-14-2012 05:14 PM

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I am forever loosing my car keys. you would think that something so important just could not become misplaced.
Well, mine do and they do it with an affinity for finding the hardest places to search through.... They are always in the last place I finally look, why is that? :?

a smartphone-based system that can be used to find your missing stuff, known as BiKN. It consists of an electronic case that the phone slides into, which tracks the whereabouts of paired radio frequency tags that the user attaches to their car keys, purse, children - you name it. The phone displays the location of the sought items, or can sound an alarm if one of them gets too far away.

Born Again 03-14-2012 06:12 PM

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Might as well get this in before anyone else does !

Since I normally put my phone and keys in the same place, this might be problematic for some of us.

monkeytrucker 03-14-2012 07:27 PM

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I would have to borrow someones phone to call my cell phone to find it first.

AZgl1800 03-14-2012 07:41 PM

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You guys thought you were just being funny didn't you.

Well, here is how bad it is for me.

82gl1100iWingman 03-14-2012 08:13 PM

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What happens when you misplace the "finder"? Will you need to buy a "finder" to find the other "finder"?

93Wing 03-15-2012 08:10 AM

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I could use something like that, but I don't have a smart phone. It seems like at least once a year one set of car keys goes missing. Mind you we have certain places that the keys go. Backup sets go one place and the regularly use sets in another. My lovely wife will forget where the regular set is and use the backup set, then find the regular set and forget where the backup set is!!!! Confusing isn't it........

We lost one set of keys for 6+ months and I just happened to find them in the truck under and in between the seat........

unionjk 03-15-2012 08:49 AM

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Range of 6-10'?

I would need a much longer range to find my bike at a rally, or my kids at the park ect.

AZgl1800 03-15-2012 09:31 AM

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monkeytrucker wrote:

I would have to borrow someones phone to call my cell phone to find it first.
You joke on that point, but I can't even begin to count the number of times we do just exactly that in our house.

Either I, or the wife has misplaced our cellphone and can't find it just as we are leaving the house to go somewhere.

blackknytecnc 03-15-2012 11:06 AM

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Old people are funny :D

I solved my loosing stuff problem a long time ago. Everything goes on my dresser before bed, and directly into my pockets or on my belt as soon as I get up. I just spend all day walking around like a big swiss army knife.

Now if I could just solve the problem of walking into a room and forgetting why I went there :ROFL:. I'm sure there'll be an app for that soon.

Hanko 03-15-2012 12:11 PM

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I don't loose track of my keys, wallet or phone because I learned a long time ago to have a "Home" for them. My keys are either on me or hanging in the hook in my office. My wallet is either in my pocket or in the tray on my desk. My phone is either on me or in its charging station.

My wife on the other hand looses everything.:wtf:. With the keys she has figured out that I always have mine in an easy to find place so she didn't even try looking for hers any more. The problem is she looses mine because she just drops them wherever she is when she comes into the house. I really pissed her off when I made a locking box to hang on the wall to put my keys in.

I bought a key finder from Sharper Image before they went out of business. It had 5 locator beepers and a remote control. Good for up to 30'. She hits the button on the fridge and follows the beeping.

I bought her an iPhone 4s and have to use the "Find My iPhone" app either online or using my iPod touch to locate her phone and make it give out a pinging sound for her to find it.

Since she seldom carries her purse or wallet she takes her drivers license and debit card out and puts them in her pants/blouses. In the last 5 years she has had 4 licenses and 6 different debit cards because she either looses them or forgets where they are. Most of the time we will find them several weeks later after she has gotten replacements. I have threatened to put a hole in each and attach one of the beepers. :ROFL:

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