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AZgl1800 08-02-2018 04:10 PM

Has your email address been sucked out of a server?
This is a very old website that reports on email addresses that have been exposed thru hackers.

this does NOT have anything to do with your emails to friends not respecting your own address and Forwarding out emails to others with all of the addresses in the TO: line.

when I catch someone doing that, I block them, done with it.

about 15 years ago, or more, Yahoo started offering up free "throw away" email addresses.

these throw aways are created with your [email protected]

FirstLast is your first and last names combined, and the word Secure added to that.
then the hyphen "-" and Temp is whatever you decide to use for a particular person/corporation, etc....

for instance, if I subscribe to Jake's Newsletters I would create a throw away like this:

[email protected]

there is a Description box below that new address you made, in that box, I type in Jake's Newsletters

at one time, I had over 500 throw away email addresses.
I don't give out my base registered email address to anyone, except with rare occasions, and I sure don't give it to a corporation.

I recently trimmed that list down to around 200 because being retired now, I don't need a lot of those junk email newsletters, so I just delete the throw-away address for that subscription, and wallah! no more junk mail from them.

all of the "[email protected] incoming mail drops into your regular inbox.
if I get some spam, I mouse over the email address and Yahoo then shows me what address it was originally sent to.

Yahoo's SPAM filters do a darn good job though....
our email addresses are live out there on the internet, and as they whisk by, hackes track them down with scanners.... and then sell that to advertisers and porno stars.

trike lady 08-02-2018 08:48 PM

I had a LinkedIn account years ago, it was worthless and it got hacked. My email address has been changed since that happened.

AZgl1800 08-02-2018 10:50 PM

I too have a LinkedIn account, the only reason I keep it is to follow the people that my son meets up with in his job.

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