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GL1500 won't start, won't crank, no headlights.

I have a 1990 GL1500SE that has been stellar for years. We ride her all the time. Last week I went to ride her and she acted like she had a dead battery. I put on the charger all night and the next day tested the battery. It was good. Still, the headlights and none of the guages/dash lights worked (save the cruise control "on" light on the dash). She wouldn't crank-not even a click. The radio works, the clock works, blinkers work, brake lights work. I reviewed several threads on the forum. I have checked the starter button and cleaned it (it seemed fine but I couldn't check any voltage going through because there was no voltage getting to it. I assume that it was good.) I checked the on/off switch. The cruise control light on the dash would go out when I switched it off so assume that it is working. I checked the main fuse connected to the solenoid-it was good. The "dogbone" fuse by the battery was good. The "dogbone" fuse behind the fuel tank was good. The fuses in the fuse box were all good and tested good when the key was "on". The two "reverse" fuses were good. So I moved to the "reverse switch". The switch itself seemed fine. It made good connection and "clicked" when activated. I checked for voltage going through any of the 3 wires going to it-nothing. I checked the "pigtail" feed leading up to the switch. I didn't find any voltage coming out of the pigtail. So my question is-- should there be voltage going to the reverse switch and if so what do I check next? Could a relay be bad, which one, and how can I check it? Thanks for the help.
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