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I recently pulled a Vetter fairing off of this thing and assorted other junk that hadn't been wired in neatly, and I've figured most everything else out, but I can't figure out why I have .1V (max) to one of the terminals in the headlight connector. The manual (factory) doesn't have a wiring schematic and the fuse is good...I'm lost at where to start trying to hunt down the wires.

All the stuff in the light switch on the bars is working (turn signal switch, horn) but I can't really tell with the headlight as I haven't torn it apart to check.

I'm looking for a harness connector where I might be able to check for voltage for the headlight, between the fuse and the headlight connector. Any clues would be great.


Oh, I've only been perusing here for about a week, and I just got my GL1000, dern fuel prices. But its going along fairly well save for that. This appears to be a pretty great site, I've gathered a fair bit of info here.


1978 GL1000
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