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Originally Posted by rayworx View Post
Sometimes it's just a matter of how many parts a dealer orders and how fast. If the parts manager (he/she is usually the only person authorized to actually order parts) gets only a few parts to order each day he/she will usually wait till an order sheet is full. If, on the other hand they fill up a order sheet in one day the parts get ordered that day and get to the dealership faster. Thus….. the possibility of some orders taking longer than others.

Another thing about parts warehouses. Honda has several. From what I remember there is Torrance Ca, Seattle Wa, Irving Tx, somewhere in North Carolina, Marysville Ohio and Lincoln Alabama. As a part was ordered it would automatically search the closest available warehouse for the part. If it wasn't in stock there it would search the other warehouses and 'cross-ship' the part to the dealer. That could take some extra time.
If none of the available warehouses had the part it would be put on B/O (back order) until the part was received. A B/O could last as long as 6 months without any reason. Regardless what warehouse ordered the part (that is B/O'ed) it is mandatory that it comes from Japan into the Torrance warehouse first. Then it is shipped to the warehouse that ordered the part and then to the dealer that ordered the part. More time!

That's how it worked as of 2004 when I left the dealership.
That as I understand it is how the system works and as far as I know motorcycle dealers only get a stock order delivery once a week. So if their normal delivery day is Thursday and you order a part on Friday it is not going to get there before the next Thursday, unless you are willing to pay shipping. It works the same for the online vendors so if they do not have it in stock they have to wait for it also. Honda auto dealers get overnight delivery if they are within a certain distance from a warehouse.

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