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...for us at least
Most of what they are doing has already been done on the forums.
The tower coils were brought out in the open via Dave a couple years ago.
The optical stuff isn't new and explained in the forums.
And multi-discharge is cheap for all of us now.

They too have a "one plate fits all" approach. Pick the number of pick-ups, clock them, drill for mounting, 2 or 4 cylinder wheel and... SHA-ZAMM! We in business...

Street applications will find no benefit in using optical vs. Hall (magnetic) triggering.

@ $450.00 they are re-couping their development costs, ...probably on a 2.5 multiplication factor. Maybe even higher.
You and I can put the same thing together for less than $100.00. If you're really thrifty, sub-$50.00 is a truth.
an easy goog shows the above quote coming from cm85 and is in reference to a c5 ignition system available for early GWs

i would love to run a c5 type ignition that apparently can be easily replicated diy for under 50 bux,

please provide the details?

82, going over it

had a hog in there for a bit but basically,
back in the saddle after a ~ 24 year break,
at the time, had an oncoming made a left turn deal
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