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Originally Posted by aussiegold View Post
i see you are well versed with a google search, here's what i was able to turn up. re multi fire ignition.
this fella ( who sure talked a lot but never delivered info )
was talking about the C5 .
i run the C5 in two GL1000's and it is without a doubt, the best single upgrade you can do. ( well, DOHC would be good )

...for us at least
Most of what they are doing has already been done on the forums.
The tower coils were brought out in the open via Dave a couple years ago.
The optical stuff isn't new and explained in the forums.
And multi-discharge is cheap for all of us now.

They too have a "one plate fits all" approach. Pick the number of pick-ups, clock them, drill for mounting, 2 or 4 cylinder wheel and... SHA-ZAMM! We in business...

Street applications will find no benefit in using optical vs. Hall (magnetic) triggering.

@ $450.00 they are re-couping their development costs, ...probably on a 2.5 multiplication factor. Maybe even higher.
You and I can put the same thing together for less than $100.00. If you're really thrifty, sub-$50.00 is a truth.
there are several fanciful statements here. and i suspect downright untruths. at least, nothing proven to be fact. ( there's more )
If you're >still< interested in a inexpensive, high performance optical ignition solution for your bike, and you're not find it elsewhere from this board, and want it from me in particular, then continue following my high performance threads here on this board.

When time allows for it, I will show you how to assemble your own.
Until then, enjoy what you have and ride safe.
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