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Originally Posted by goldwingrascal View Post
my first post on this forum. what is the purpose of this subject ?
i would really like to upgrade my old ignition. just because it is old.
a first read of this subject here , the author asks for input... then it seems he has built one 2 years ago ?
and has no time to post any findings or even parts used such as the type of coils etc. ???
hopefully , we dont wait too long.
this one is about gl1000 & related stuff according to the title and this section is very new, i think they are trying to move forward from extremely long reads to get info , which is all i can point you to for your 1200,

searching is way better tho can also end up in more of the same, you might find a separate thread where an individual provides a nice easy reading focused thread with all info related to what they are doing that ideally is inline with what you are looking for or interested in

82, going over it

had a hog in there for a bit but basically,
back in the saddle after a ~ 24 year break,
at the time, had an oncoming made a left turn deal

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