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Originally Posted by goldwingrascal View Post
pretty poor analogy. mr midnite. i am sorry if i expected more info here.
i was under the impression this was a thread about an ignition. and you have lots of experience ( apparently ). i ,for one , have seen no evidence of that so far. making statements and then " got no time "
to back them up, just dont wash with me sir.
so please, if you have some thing to add that can be useful please do so. if not, please do not make these staements.
Unfortunately, this is my thread and I will post to it as I see fit.
If you've no patience in waiting for the outcome of this thread then please go read another forum thread.
You are continuously disrupting the continuity of my threads in particular with your comments.
If you can add anything to any of my threads since your arrival onto this forum, then do so.
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