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it's very simple, you said about c5
Most of what they are doing has already been done on the forums.
The tower coils were brought out in the open via Dave a couple years ago.
The optical stuff isn't new and explained in the forums.
And multi-discharge is cheap for all of us now.

They too have a "one plate fits all" approach. Pick the number of pick-ups, clock them, drill for mounting, 2 or 4 cylinder wheel and... SHA-ZAMM! We in business...

Street applications will find no benefit in using optical vs. Hall (magnetic) triggering.

@ $450.00 they are re-couping their development costs, ...probably on a 2.5 multiplication factor. Maybe even higher.
You and I can put the same thing together for less than $100.00. If you're really thrifty, sub-$50.00 is a truth.
the truth is, you have not answered or responded directly to this claim whatsoever, it is directly related to this thread and this is a forum,

so yes, it is your thread and you can do whatever you like, but i doubt this thread is going anywhere before there is a response, or will there be much real interest in anything you may have to say, in this thread, or any other scc related, without one

and yes, you are not dave who is taken seriously and respected when he starts a thread, why? because he earned it, by behavior & example,

in another thread where there is discussion of randakk's products, you have no problem stating
Originally Posted by CaptainMidnight85 View Post

Propaganda in marketing is rampant with these aftermarket GL parts, so be careful in what you read, hear and purchase.
and these are legitimate businessmen, with established track records,

at the same time, you offer claims, puzzles and delays to simple questions and present yourself as an authority in regards to scc and seem to think that is completely honky dory,

perhaps it would be much more appropriate to say to, or about you and scc,
Propaganda in marketing is rampant with these aftermarket GL parts, so be careful in what you read, hear and purchase

82, going over it

had a hog in there for a bit but basically,
back in the saddle after a ~ 24 year break,
at the time, had an oncoming made a left turn deal
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